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A Note from The Founders

dddice is has been incredible for us to work on and we absolutely love the community we have fostered here. Until now, dddice has been funded entirely out of our own pockets; however, as we continue to grow, costs for faster servers and larger databases have started to add up. We want to continue making dddice the ultimate 3D dice roller and to do this, we're offering exclusive access to new features to our amazing backers on Patreon.

If you have been enjoying dddice at your digital (or physical) table or using dddice on your streams, consider becoming a backer on Patreon to help fund future development. Of course, telling your friends about dddice is also more than we could ever ask.

Our first goal is to scale our servers globally so that dice rolling is fast and snappy no matter where you are in the world. Reaching $500/mo would allow us to properly fund the infrastructure needed and allow us to focus on making dddice better for you and your party.

We sincerely thank you and our community for your support on this adventure. Happy rolling!

~ nullfish & Celeste Bloodreign

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It really is an extremely useful tool for virtual play, and it adds a layer of immersion for viewers on my stream since they see the rolls in real time rather than a readout of numbers.


Grim from Grimbeard Adventures

The platform is elegant, fast and intuitive, bringing a rich experience to the tool set. Working with the API was a breeze and the support I got from the developers was fantastic. I love dddice and the amazing team behind it. I just can't recommend it highly enough.

Inglorious Dragons

Thanks to dddice I can make my streams look super cool and professional despite still being the biggest procrastinator in all of TTRPG history! dddice also helps me procrastinate even more by giving me the ability to customize and share cute dice sets with my players!