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dddice is powering the next-generation of physical and digital dice makers




We grow about 15% each week and serve over 4,000+ unique weekly active users




That's more than 100% growth since last month



concurrent users daily

That's over 100 games each day and steadily growing




Our players can collect and roll their dice using their favorite platform

Are you a physical dice maker?

Earn money by partnering with one of our specialized digital dice makers and earn commissions on each sale. Alternatively, create your own digital dice using your own resources and use your digital dice as an alternative advertising channel or revenue stream.

Are you a digital artist?

Earn money from each sale of a completely unique digital dice set OR make money by recreating physical dice sets by partnering with physical dice makers.


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Interested in becoming a merchant?

The dddice marketplace is set to launch in 2024. Fill out a merchant application and get your dice prepped and ready for the launch!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the dddice marketplace work?

    dddice is building a two-sided marketplace where an approved set of merchants can sell to a wide audience of players and Game Masters.

    Traditionally TTRPGs have been financially dominated by Game Masters. dddice is uniquely setup to capture an audience of both players and Game Masters.

  • How does licensing work?

    When a user purchases a dice set from a merchant, they are granted a license to use that dice set in perpetuity.

    A user is free to use their purchased dice within the dddice ecosystem (including our integrations) but are not granted a license to resell dice.

    We are also thinking of allowing users to remix purchased dice but have no official plans to support this yet. This is a conversation we wish to have with interested merchants.

  • Do I own my Intellectual Property (IP)?

    We have no intention to own your Intellectual Property. We will ask you to grant us rights to digitally distribute the dice but any IP including trademarks or art styles will continue to be yours. You remain free to use your art in other ways outside the marketplace.

  • How are you protecting my Intellectual Property (IP)?

    We are building anti-pirating systems to prevent or flag content that could match a merchants work. We have plans to automate the potential "pirating" of dice sets by using computer vision to compare newly created user dice to merchant dice and flagging any potential theft.

    We plan to use this computer vision system in parallel with other anti-theft models to help protect our merchants' IP.

  • Do you exclusively distribute my digital dice?

    We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive clauses.

    We plan to offer different royalty amounts depending if you are interested in an exclusive or non-exclusive digital distribution partnership. Exclusive digital distribution rights would mean a larger amount of royalties whereas non-exclusive digital distribution rights would mean a slightly less amount of royalties. We have not finalized these royalty amounts but are actively listening to your feedback and open to conversations about what works best for you and your business.

  • Can I work with different artists/creators and split commissions?

    Yes, we are building systems that will let you configure splits and commissions on a per-product basis.

    This means if you were to work or partner with other artists, you can fairly compensate your team by adjusting how much should be paid to each person when a product is sold.

  • Do you also offer subscriptions?

    We offer Patreon-exclusive features that unlock more advanced features such as a Patreon-exclusive dice collection, custom room physics/lighting, and other customizable room features.

    In the future we might introduce real subscriptions that would unlock the same advanced features and possibly more editor features such as an asset library for creators. This future subscription model could also possibly allow users to get a free dice set per month that we would pay royalties to the creator for.