Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is dddice?

    dddice (pronounce three-d-dice, i.e. 3D dice) is a digital dice rolling application built for tabletop roleplaying games.

  • Is dddice free?

    Yes! dddice is completely free and will always remain free to use both online and offline. In the future, we may introduce a community-driven marketplace that would allow artists to make money from custom dice creations. The core functionality of dddice (e.g. dice rolling, live rooms, API) will always be free.

  • Is dddice a Virtual TableTop (VTT)?

    No. dddice has no plans to be a full-featured virtual tabletop.

    We believe there are a number of really good tabletop solutions out there already. Our goal is to offer an extendable API for dice rolling to add extra flair and excitement to existing tabletop software. We wish to foster a creative community that uses our API to build new custom tools and integrations.

  • When will dddice be available?

    Development of dddice is happening right now and will continue into 2022. While there are no specific dates for completing the roadmap items, we plan to work closely with the community to assess priorities and realistic timelines.

  • Can I livestream or post video content using dddice?

    Do it! We welcome and look forward to any use of dddice in your video content, no attribution required (but highly appreciated!) Be sure to join the Discord community and post your video or livestream link to the #self-promo channel. We can't wait to see what you create!

  • Can I donate to support dddice?

    Yes and we sincerely appreciate your support!

    dddice is now on Patreon ! Become a backer to unlock exclusive perks such as private Discord channels, private development updates, and exclusive backer polls for feature prioritization.

    Of course you can also tremendously help and support dddice sharing us with your friends! Join us on Discord , Twitter , Reddit , YouTube and Twitch to help us grow the dddice community.

  • Are rooms permanent?

    Yes and no. Rooms you create are associated with your specific browser. Rooms you create may not be accessible If you clear your browser's data or use a different browser.

    If you register for an account, any rooms you create will be permanently saved.

  • How can I share my custom dice?

    You can share your custom dice with friends (or foes) by registering for an account. Players that accept your share invite will be able to roll using your custom theme.

  • How are random values determined?

    Random values are generated using a balanced random number generator that is implemented into the dddice API.

    Rolling is simulated, meaning the randomness of your rolls are not determined by browser physics. Instead, roll values are generated and used to simulate a roll in the browser. Since the dice simulation is non-determenistic, we are able to simulate rolling any value. This allows us to integrate with other VTT tools where dice rolls may already be determined.

  • Is dddice online only?

    At the moment, yes. We plan to build offline features for desktop and mobile use in the future. dddice is being developed with offline in mind but can move faster with feedback from an online community.

  • What are you doing to protect my privacy?

    dddice does not collect any personal information about you, nor do we wish to. We do not integrate with Google Analytics or any other services that have been deemed harmful to our users' privacy.

    Accounts utilize third-party services such as Discord, Google, Steam, and Twitch to limit the amount of information we need to store. We will never sign you up for random newsletters without your explicit permission.